Modernization, Retrofit & Optimization

As an engineering partner we deliver tailor-made solutions for the turbo machinery of our customers. Our special strength is the optimization of hard- and software. We are able to provide to our customers an upgrade or retrofit of their equipment. We are specialized in:

• Automatization (regulation, protection, controllers, monitoring)
• State-of-the-art sealing systems for turbo compressors
• Performance adjustment/increase of power output

A common reason for these services is the need for a higher performance and power output of the rotating equipment. Together with the customer our engineers design a tailor-made retrofit plan. On this basis TST will work out detailed engineering, provide the necessary equipment, program the control system, implement and complete the project by commissioning. Everything out of one hand.

An upgrade of the machine’s mechanical side will most likely go along with an upgrade or retrofit of the control system. Also, TST is capable to exchange the whole control system if requested by the customer. The needed technical background is provided by the rich and manufacturer-independent experience and knowledge of our employees.