Matthias Meyer, Raffinery, 230 x 310 cm, 2012

TST – Turbo Service & Trading GmbH was established in December 2008 and since its main office is located in Moers, Germany. TST employs a team of highly motivated personnel with up to 30 years of experience in the turbo machinery business.

The company history goes back to the former privately-owned company Turbo Service und Handel GmbH (TSH), formerly located in Duisburg, Germany. Our today’s Managing Director, Peter Gilardone, and Technical Director, Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Dünnwald, back then were in charge as partners of TSH. A large part of today’s TST team contributed to TSH’s success in the past.

TST targets international markets much more than former TSH. In March 2011, TST has established a subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates. TST Middle East DMCC is since the sales office for all projects in the Middle East region.